How To: Create your account on ROOTS

Just a quick video that shows how you create your account on our fancy new system!

Please Note: The information provided here is not for a real account, and we have skipped some steps as you will see. Please ensure your account is as up to date and accurate as possible before you submit, once your account has been submitted it is locked and you cannot edit the information.

Troubleshooting If you are unable to login with your password and you were in the middle of creating your account it is more than likely because your account had not been fully registered therefore it didn’t have a password attached to it When you click the activate button in your confirmation email ensure that you have at-least five minutes to go through the first sections of your profile activation, you have to agree to the three documents and state which Right to work option you will provide to us after you enter your password. If you do not do these steps and logout during them the account reverts back and you must click the activate button and input a password again – if you no longer have this email (The one with the activate button) please email us and we will delete your account so you can re-register

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