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To our faithful Seedlings,

In these times of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s tough to know what lies ahead.

Many of our much-loved friends, both clients & staff, are in a situation that no one anticipated nor wanted to be part of. However at this stage, it’s never been more important for us all to stick together. We’ve had a lot of messages from our beloved teams over the last couple of weeks - anxious, worried & nervous about what will happen as time goes on. Equally, we too are waiting to hear from the government about the best course of action moving forward.

However. We at Seed HQ are remaining positive & working closely with all of our promoters, venues & clients to do everything we can to keep the ball rolling in preparation for what we all hope will be another summer of incredible UK events.

There is a chance that some events may be postponed. There’s a chance some events may even be cancelled. But there is no questioning our loyalty to both our teams of incredible individuals & our clients.

Whatever happens, whatever changes - we are with you. Whether that is bringing a team of hardworking, dedicated individuals to your event, or working with you to put some extra £ in your pocket during these hard times. We are with you.

The safety of our teams has, and always will be paramount. Therefore we are following all the guidelines advised by the relevant bodies, as well as looking at new & innovative ways to keep our staff fit & healthy going forward.

We’re working around the clock to keep things ticking over from home, however there may be a delay in our response - please bare with us!

For some however, working from home isn’t possible. Please keep in mind the real heroes of the world right now.

All staff working in healthcare, supermarkets & everyone else on the front line of this pandemic - we love you.

Seed x

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