Introducing the Seed Staff Team

As our 2021 festival season comes to a close, we are already gearing up for a bigger and better 2022. We loved every second of being back in festival fields, wearing glitter, and of course, meeting all of our amazing staff after all this time apart.

While gearing up for next year’s festivities, we thought it’s better late than never to properly introduce ourselves on our blog. Although we work with the UK’s largest festivals, we are actually just a group of three musketeers, with each of us having a unique role to play in the Seed Staff family. 

Meet the Team 


Jas is our general manager here at Seed. She is the queen of admin, has the patience of an angel and is our resident mother. She’s also always on hand with a pack of emergency hula hoops! 

What’s your favourite festival?

My favourite festival is Latitude. I’ve only been once but I love anything I can go to with my family, it has a secret forestt and the music is great. 

What’s your go-to festival look?

Dr Martens and a fleece with a bright pattern. Warm but make it fashion!

Where would we find you on a night out?

 Either on the dancefloor or buying tequila shots for everyone.

Who are you listening to on repeat right now?

Kacey Musgraves, I’m secretly a massive country music fan.


Joe is our event recruitment manager! He arguably has a secret side hustle in modelling for Carhaart but that just makes him all the more fashionable when it comes to popping on the high vis next summer.

What’s your favourite festival? 

Download Festival 🤘

What’s your go-to festival look? 

 Baggy and comfortable, but always making it fashionable.

Where would we find you on a night out? 

 Hanging out at the back with my friends watching local music or milling about at food festivals.

Who are you listening to on repeat right now? 



Becky is the newbie of the team! It is incredibly easy to make her laugh and she only exclusively wears funky jumpers. Becky is mainly taking over our marketing side of things where you will most likely seing her hog all of our instagram stories next summer. 

What’s your favourite festival? 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (sorry not a music festival but it still stands). 

What’s your go to festival look? 

Anything as long as 90% of my legs are out. 

Where would we find you on a night out? 

Making soulmates in the toilets then completely forgetting about them five minutes later.

Who are you listening to on repeat right now?

My obsession with Little Simz is real!!

And that concludes our small but mighty trio! We are all so excited to meet old and new festival friends next year. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact any of us at to ask us any questions small or large! 

The Seed Staff Team x 

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